Communication (B.A.)



COM 210Mass Communication and Society3
COM/ENG 211Speech3
COM 212Interpersonal Communication3
COM 250Writing for Mass Media3
COM 320Research Methods in Mass Comm3
COM 370Mass Media Law and Ethics3
COM 420Mass Comm Issues/Ethics3
COM Elective (Upper-level Communication writing course)3
Required Internship
COM 430Media Internship 11-6
COM Electives12
Total Hours36

Note: Communication majors and minors also may choose from the following courses to satisfy Communication Department elective semester hour requirements:

ENG 220Introduction Creative Writing3
ENG 240Professional Writing I3
ENG 320Advanced Creative Writing3
ENG 323H3:The Modern Rhetoric3
ENG 335H2b:Travel Writing3
ENG 340H3:Professional Writing II3
ENG 342Grant Writing3
ENG 385H3:Literature and Film3
ENG 420Creative Writing:Pub/Perform3
ENG 440Adv Studies in Composition3
BUS 113Comm in Multicultural Environ3
BUS 233Mktg in a Global Environment3
BUS 308Global Integrated Mktg Commun3
GD/COM 295Graphic Design3
GD/COM 296Graphic Design II3