Middle Childhood Education Licensure Program (B.A., B.S.)



Education (30 sem. hrs.)
EDUC 107School and Society: Intro Educ2
EDUC 140Intro to Tech in the Classroom1
EDUC 206DV:Except&MultiCultGlobSoci3
EDUC 252Prin & Prac of Tch Phonics3
EDUC 264H2b: Education Psychology3
EDUC 351Meth Teach: Develop Reading3
EDUC 353Reading Assess/Intervention3
EDUC 354Reading in the Content Area3
EDUC 440Applied Tech in Clinical Exp1
EDUC 467Student Teaching Experience6
EDUC 468H3:Student Teaching Seminar2
Middle Childhood Education (10 sem. hrs.)
EDUC 257AYA/MCE Best Prac Class Mgmt3
EDUC 320AYA/MCE Assess & Instr Plan2
EDUC 340Instructional Tech in Practice1
EDUC 345AYA/MCE: Instructional Methods2
MCE 437Professionalism and Practice2
Concentration Requirements
Select two of the following areas of concentration:
Language Arts
Social Studies
Total Hours40

Language Arts

ENG 200-2T1:DV:Cre Eq:Iss of Gen/Rac3
ENG 206T1:United States Literature II3
ENG 220Introduction Creative Writing3
ENG 230Literacy, Form and Function3
ENG 315 Series Elective3
ENG 330AYA:Literature3
Total Hours18


MATH 108Mathematics II for Educators3
MATH 110DV:Math in the World3
MATH 155Elementary Functions I3
MATH 156Elementary Functions II3
MATH 160Euclidean Geometry3
MATH 221Statistics3
Total Hours18


BIO 101
T1:Principles of Biology I
and Principles of Biology I: Lab
BIO 102
Principles of Biology II
and Principles of Biology II: Lab
NS 104T1:Physical Science3
NS 105T1:Introduction to Geology3
NS 210T1:Astronomy/Planetary Sci3
BIO 314General Ecology3
Total Hours20

Social Studies

HIST 101T1:DV:World Civil to 15003
HIST 102T1:DV:World Civil 1500 to Pres3
HIST 103T1:DV:Hist of the U.S. to 18773
HIST 104T1:DV:Hist of U.S. since 18773
ECON 205T1:DV:Intro to Economics3
GFA 103T1:DV:American Government3
GFA 209T1:DV:World Regional Geography3
Total Hours21