Adolescence to Young Adult - Integrated Social Studies Licensure Program (B.A., B.S.E.)



Education (21 sem. hrs.)
EDUC 107School and Society: Intro Educ3
EDUC 140Intro to Tech in the Classroom1
EDUC 206TH1:SL:DV:Ex&MultiCultGlobSoci3
EDUC 264TH1:H2b:TH3:DM:EducationPsych3
EDUC 354Disciplinary Literacy3
EDUC 440Applied Tech in Clinical Exp1
EDUC 467Student Teaching Experience6
EDUC 468H3:TH1:DV:CIT:StudentTeachSem3
Adolescence to Young Adult Education (10 sem hrs.)
EDUC 257AYA/MCE Best Prac Class Mgmt3
EDUC 320AYA/MCE Assess & Instr Plan3
EDUC 340Instructional Tech in Practice1
EDUC 345AYA/MCE: Instructional Methods3
EDUC 450Preclinical:ProfesInPractice3
Economics (3 sem. hrs.)
ECON 205T1:DV:Intro to Economics3
History (12 sem hrs.)
HIST 101T1:FD:DV:World Civil to 15003
HIST 240T1:DV:TH1:USintheLong19thCent3
HIST 311H2b:TH1:DV: HistofModernEurope3
HIST 335H1:TH3:U.S. in the20thCentury3
Government and Foreign Affairs (15 sem. hrs.)
GFA 103T1:FD:DV:American Government3
GFA 209T1:FD:DV:World Regional Geo3
GFA 213H2b:DV:FD:Comparative Politics3
or HIST 318 H1:DV:TH3: IndustRevolinWorld
GFA 301H1:DV:FD: World Politics3
Psychology or Sociology (Please choose one)
PSYC 120T1:FD: Principles of Psych3
or SOC 205 T1:FD:DV:Social/Cult Divers
Total Hours66