Intervention Specialist - Licensure Program - Moderate/Intensive Intervention Program (B.S.E.)



Education (39 sem. hrs.)
EDUC 107School and Society: Intro Educ3
EDUC 206T1:DV:Except&MultiCultGlobSoci3
EDUC 208DM:Instructional Technology3
EDUC 250Develop Language/Literacy3
EDUC 252Prin & Prac of Tch Phonics3
EDUC 255Cognitive & Language Developme3
EDUC 264H2b: Education Psychology3
EDUC 351Meth Teach: Develop Reading3
EDUC 353Reading Assess/Intervention3
EDUC 467Student Teaching Experience9
EDUC 468H3:Student Teaching Seminar3
Intervention Specialist Education (31 sem. hrs.)
ISE 243Positive Learning Environment3
ISE 244Issues/Needs:Special Education3
ISE 245Family, Schools, and Community3
ISE 340Augment/Assist Technologies2
ISE 342Assessment/Planning:Inter Spec3
ISE 343Curriculum/Adaptive Strategies3
ISE 344Curri/Interv Strat:Mod/Intens3
ISE 345Tran: Planning/Intervention2
ISE 346FuncLifeSkillsStud w/Spec Nds3
ISE 347Sens/Motor/Hlth Intervent3
ISE 441ISE:Pro Prac:Pre-Stud Teach3
Physical Education (3 sem. hrs.)
EXS 263H1:DV:Personal/Com Health3
English (6 sem. hrs.)
ENG/COM 211Speech3
ENG 331Children's Literature3
MATH 107Mathematics I for Educators3
MATH 108Mathematics II for Educators3
Government and Foreign Affairs (3 sem. hrs.)
GFA 209T1:DV:World Regional Geography3
Total Hours88