Elementary P-5 Education Program (B.S.E.)



Education (47 sem. hrs.)
EDUC 107School and Society: Intro Educ3
EDUC 140Intro to Tech in the Classroom1
EDUC 206TH1:SL:DV:Ex&MultiCultGlobSoci3
EDUC 210Intro to P-5 Elem Education3
EDUC 211Child Devel Birth to Grade 53
EDUC 250Foundation of Literacy3
EDUC 252Prin/Prac of Tch Phon Aw & Pho3
EDUC 264TH1:H2b:TH3:DM:EducationPsych3
EDUC 313P-5 Elem Educ Lang Art/SS Meth3
EDUC 315Methods Teach: Math/Science3
EDUC 340Instructional Tech in Practice1
EDUC 351Methods of Teaching Devel Lit3
EDUC 353Literacy Assess/Intervention3
EDUC 440Applied Tech in Clinical Exp1
EDUC 450Preclinical:ProfesInPractice3
EDUC 467Student Teaching Experience6
EDUC 468H3:TH1:DV:CIT:StudentTeachSem3
Intervention Specialist Education (8 sem. hrs.)
ISE 243Positive Learning Environment3
ISE 245Family, Schools, and Community2
ISE 341Elem Educ Assess/Plan3
Mathematics (3 sem. hrs.)
MATH 107Mathematics I for Educators3
Government and Foreign Affairs (3 sem. hrs.)
GFA 209T1:FD:DV:World Regional Geo3
Total Hours62