Health Services Management (B.B.A.)



Business Core Program (48 hours) 

An adult learner enrolled in the DSoB Degree Completion Program and matriculating through the Digital Campus is exempt from BUS 001 and BUS 002  .

BUS 001Business Power Skills 10
BUS 002Business Power Skills 20
BUS 106Introduction to Excel3
BUS 207Financial Accounting3
BUS 208Managerial Accounting3
BUS 209Corporate Financial Mgmt3
BUS 231Business Law3
BUS 232FD: Business Statistics3
BUS 233Principles of Marketing3
BUS 234TH1:CIT: Principles of Mgmt3
BUS 350Intermediate Excel3
BUS 360H1:GL:DV:Cross-Cultural Mgmt3
BUS 362Management Information Sys3
BUS 364Business Research & Analytics3
BUS 417Operations Management3
BUS 465H3:GL:CIT:StrategicMgmtCapston3
ECON 203FD:T1:Global Microeconomics3
ECON 204FD: Global Macroeconomics3
Health Services Management Major Courses (27 Hours)
BUS 318DV: Human Resource Management3
BUS 361Project Management3
BUS 385DV:Business Internship1-13
BUS 418Leadership Seminar3
BUS 448Systems and Sustainability3
HCA 200Healthcare Systems3
HCA 300Healthcare Law & Ethics3
HCA 340Managed Care & Reimbursement3
HCA 400Healthcare Admin Capstone3
Total Hours73-85