Nursing B.S.N. (Pre-licensure Requirements)

Admission Requirements

Students interested in majoring in nursing are admitted to Walsh University as pre-nursing students. Pre-nursing students are considered for admission into the Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program after completion of the pre-requisite courses listed below.

Admission to the BSN Program is based on the cumulative grade point average for the following pre-requisite courses:

CHEM 109T1:Gen Org/Biochem I3
CHEM 109LGen Org/Biochem I/Lab1
CHEM 110Gen Org/Biochem II3
CHEM 110LGen Org/Biochem II: Lab1
BIO 209Anatomy/Physiology I3
BIO 209LAnatomy/Physiology I: Lab1
BIO 210Anatomy/Physiology II3
BIO 210LAnatomy/Physiology II: Lab1
NURS 220PLH1:Theo Found for Nursing Prac3

Students must attain a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 or higher in these courses. In addition, a grade of C- or lower in any of the above listed courses will not be accepted. Science courses must have been completed within the last seven years.

Direct Admit

Students who are invited to the Honors Competition and/or enrolled in the Honors Program will be directly admitted into the nursing major upon admission to Walsh University.



Nursing Pre-Licensure Program Requirements

Biology (18 sem. hrs.)
BIO 206
and Microbiology: Lab
NS 207Nutrition3
BIO 209
Anatomy/Physiology I
and Anatomy/Physiology I: Lab
BIO 210
Anatomy/Physiology II
and Anatomy/Physiology II: Lab
BIO 290Pathophysiology3
Chemistry (8 sem. hrs.)
CHEM 109
T1:Gen Org/Biochem I
and Gen Org/Biochem I/Lab 1
CHEM 110
Gen Org/Biochem II
and Gen Org/Biochem II: Lab
Mathematics (3 sem. hrs.)
MATH 221Statistics 23
Philosophy (3 sem. hrs.)
PHIL 304H3:Bioethics 33
Psychology (3 sem. hrs.)
PSYC 210DV:T1:Human Devel Across Lifes 13
Nursing (54 sem. hrs.)
NURS 220PLH1:Theo Found for Nursing Prac3
NURS 230PLDV:Hlth Asses/Prom for Nur Prc4
NURS 240PLDM:Clinical Pharm/Nurs Mgt3
NURS 310PLFound of Nurs w/Older Adult5
NURS 320PLDV:Nurs to Promo Mental Healt4
NURS 330PLDV:Nurs w/Acutely Ill Adults I4
NURS 335PLDV:Nurs w/ Acute Ill Adults II4
NURS 340PLDV:Nursing with Families I4
NURS 410PLNursing Research3
NURS 420PLDV:Population Focused Nursing4
NURS 425PLSL:Nursing with Families II4
NURS 430PLNursing Leadership5
NURS 440PLNurs w/ Critically Ill Adults5
NURS 450PLNursing Capstone2

Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 125 semester hours is required for graduation. Students must fulfill all general education requirements and requirements for the nursing major.