Nursing B.S.N. (Pre-licensure Requirements)

Admission Requirements

Incoming freshmen will complete three phases to be admitted and maintain their admission to the Byers School of Nursing:

Phase 1

  • Students must be admitted to Walsh University
  • Once a prospective (freshman) Nursing student is admitted to Walsh, they are automatically admitted to the Byers School of Nursing

Phase 2

  • Students must maintain a 2.75 cumulative GPA within the following classes their freshman year in order to progress to the sophomore year status within the Nursing Program:
    • CHEM 120 Fundamentals of Clinical Chemistry
    • BIO 209 Anatomy and Physiology 1
    • BIO 209 Anatomy and Physiology 1 Lab
    • BIO 210 Anatomy and Physiology 2
    • BIO 210 Anatomy and Physiology 2 Lab
    • NURS 220 Theoretical Concepts for Nursing
  • A grade of C- or lower will not be accepted in any of the above courses and all science courses myst have been completed in the last seven years.

Phase 3

  • Once students have successfully progressed to sophomore status within the Nursing Program, students must maintain a C (77%) or better in each class within their Nursing coursework in order to continue to progress within the Nursing Program



Nursing Pre-Licensure Program Requirements

Biology (18 sem. hrs.)
BIO 206
and Microbiology: Lab
NS 207Nutrition3
BIO 209
Anatomy/Physiology I
and Anatomy/Physiology I: Lab
BIO 210
Anatomy/Physiology II
and Anatomy/Physiology II: Lab
BIO 290Pathophysiology3
Chemistry (4 sem. hrs.)
CHEM 120FD: Fundament.of Clinical Chem4
Mathematics (3 sem. hrs.)
MATH 221Statistics 23
Philosophy (3 sem. hrs.)
PHIL 304H3:TH1:TH2: Bioethics 33
Psychology (3 sem. hrs.)
PSYC 210T1:DV:FD: HumanDevelAcrossLife 13
Nursing (54 sem. hrs.)
NURS 220PLTH1:CIT:Theo Found forNursPrac3
NURS 230PLDV:Hlth Asses/Prom for Nur Prc4
NURS 240PLDM:Clinical Pharm/Nurs Mgt3
NURS 310PLFound of Nurs w/Older Adult5
NURS 320PLDV:Nurs to Promo Mental Healt4
NURS 330PLDV:Nurs w/Acutely Ill Adults I4
NURS 335PLDV:Nurs w/ Acute Ill Adults II4
NURS 340PLDV:Nursing with Families I4
NURS 410PLNursing Research3
NURS 420PLDV:Population Focused Nursing4
NURS 425PLNursing with Families II4
NURS 430PLNursing Leadership5
NURS 440PLNurs w/ Critically Ill Adults5
NURS 450PLNursing Capstone2

Also meets Tier I requirements.


Statistics pre-requisite MATH 104 or Equivalent.


Also meets Tier II requirements.

Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 120 semester hours is required for graduation. Students must fulfill all general education requirements and requirements for the nursing major.