Minor Requirements

Actuarial Science Minor

MATH 321Prob/Statistical Infer I 33
MATH 322Prob/Statistical Infer II 43
MATH 340Theory of Interest 53
Business & Economics
BUS 111Integrative Bus Experience 23
BUS 363Corporate Finance I 13
ECON 203T1:Global Microeconomics3
ECON 204Global Macroeconomics3
Recommended Courses in Mathematics (not required)
App Regression&Time Series Ana 6
Additional Recommended Courses in Business (not required)
Financ/Managerial Accounting 1
Investments 2
Total Hours21

All courses must be completed with a C- or better to be counted toward completion of the minor.


ARHI 101T1:DV:History of Art3
ART 102T1:Visual Order3
ART 103T1:Drawing I3
ART Electives9
Total Hours18

Art History

ARHI 101T1:DV:History of Art3
Required Diversity Courses3
T1:DV:Arts of Asia, Afr, & Isl
T1:DV:NativeAm/Af Am/Women Art
Course Content Electives 12
T1: Spcl Topics in Art History
T1:Greek and Roman Art
T1: Medieval Art
T1:Renaissance Art
T1:Baroque Art
T1:Modern Art
T1:American Art & Architecture
T1:History of Photography
H2b:Glbl Contemporary Art
H2b:DV:Philosophy of Art
Total Hours18


BIO 101T1:Principles of Biology I3
BIO 101LPrinciples of Biology I: Lab1
BIO 102Principles of Biology II3
BIO 102LPrinciples of Biology II: Lab1
Plus courses that contribute to a biology major with at least 4 hours at the 300 level or higher10
Total Hours18


CHEM 101T1: Principles of Chemistry I3
CHEM 101LPrinciples of Chemistry I: Lab1
CHEM 102Principles of Chemistry II3
CHEM 102LPrinciples of Chemistry II:Lab1
Electives 1
Select one of the following options:10
Non-Science Majors
Ten sem. hrs. with four hrs. of CHEM courses with at least 4 hours at 300-level or higher
Science Majors
Ten sem. hrs. at 300-level or higher
Total Hours18


COM 210Mass Communication and Society3
COM 211Speech3
COM 250Writing for Mass Media3
COM Electives9
Total Hours18

Community and Non-Profit Leadership

Resource Development and Financial Management12-15
Skill Development9
Introduction to Excel 1
Principles of Management
Grant Writing
Communication Strategies (Choose one)3
Principles of Marketing
Intro Advert/Public Relations
Information Analysis (Choose one)3
Business Statistics
Research Methods
Leadership Development (Choose one of the following)3
Leadership Seminar
H1:DV:Cross-Cultural Mgmt
Museum Admin & Leadership
Public Sector Organization (Choose one of the following)3
H1:DV:Public Policy
Public Leadership
Total Hours19-21

Computer Science

CS 111Intro to Obj-Oriented Program3
CS 211Programming Structures3
CS 221Database Techniques3
Select one language from the following:3
Visual Basic I
Functional Programming
Select one application from the following:3
Integrated Information Systems
Desktop Publishing
CS Elective (consult advisor):3
Visual Basic I (or above)
Desktop Publishing
Total Hours18

Credit for courses not listed in this catalog requires permission of the Director of Computer Science in order to be counted.  COM 330 may count as an elective.

Corporate Communication Minor (Business Majors Only)

Required Courses
COM 211Speech3
COM 250Writing for Mass Media3
BUS 233Principles of Marketing3
Select two of the following:6
Intro Advert/Public Relations
Desktop Publishing
Professional Presentations
Global Integrated Mktg Commun
Select one of the following:3
Writing for Advertising and PR
Adv Advertising/Public Relat
Media Internship
DV:Business Internship
Total Hours18

Data Analytics

BUS 106Introduction to Excel2
BUS 232Business Statistics3
BUS 350Intermediate Excel3
BUS 364Business Research & Analytics3
BUS 390BData Analytics Practicum3
BUS 412Introduction to Data Analysis3
BUS 429Database Strategies3
Total Hours20


Select courses from 200 level English courses12
Select courses from 300 level or higher English courses6
Total Hours18

 Environmental Science Minor

NS 103T1:Environmental Science3
BIO 314General Ecology3
BIO 330Conservation Biology3
Minimum of 9 credits of the following:9
Principles of Biology II
Principles of Biology II: Lab
Field Botany
Limnology (Aquatic Ecology) 1
Environmental Chemistry 1
T1:Introduction to Geology
T1:Microbes in the Environment
GIS/Remote Sensing
H1:Environmental Philosophy
Total Hours18

Environmental Studies

Required Courses
NS 103T1:Environmental Science3
PHIL 275H1:Environmental Philosophy3
Area A: Ecology and the Sciences
Select two of the following:6
T1:DM:Plants,Foods,Med & Texti
General Ecology
Area B: Ecology and the Humanities
Select two of the following:6
H1:DV:Amer Indi Lit/Env Jus
H1:Green Myth:Stu in Lit Ec
H1:DV:Indust Revol in World
Total Hours18

Exercise Science

BIO 209Anatomy/Physiology I3
BIO 209LAnatomy/Physiology I: Lab1
BIO 210Anatomy/Physiology II3
BIO 210LAnatomy/Physiology II: Lab1
EXS 498Introduction to Research1
Electives: Choose three of the following:9
Care/Prev of Athletic Injuries
Physiology of Exercise
Tests & Meas in Ex Sci & Sport
Exercise Testing and Prescript
Total Hours18

Film Studies

ENG 380Film Appreciation3
COM 385Film as Communication3
MUS 211T1: Music and The Movies3
Electives (Choose three classes from at least two different disciplines)9
DM:Visual Communication
Video Content Production
H3:Literature and Film
H3:Politics and Film
Total Hours18


BUS 106Introduction to Excel3
BUS 125Introduction to Business3
BUS 350Intermediate Excel3
BUS 363Corporate Finance I3
BUS 452Corporate Finance II3
A minimum of 8 credit hours of the required coursework above must be completed prior to registering for the elective courses.
Choose 2 of the Following Elective:6
International Finance
Internship: Finance
Seminar in Investments
Money, Banking/Monetary Pol
Total Hours21

Forensic Studies Minor

Foundation Courses
NS 114T1:Intro to Forensic Science3
PSYC 200T1:Psychology of Violence3
SOC 305Criminology3
Select three of the following:9
Fraud Examination
T1:Studies in Short Fiction
H2b:The Novel
Intro to Forensic Nursing
T1:Forensic Chemistry
ST: Forensic Psychology
Total Hours18

Government and Foreign Affairs

GFA 103T1:DV:American Government3
GFA 301H1:DV:World Politics (formerly International Politics)3
GFA 303H2b:American Political Thought3
GFA Electives9
Total Hours18


Select one of the following:6
T1:DV:World Civil to 1500
and T1:DV:World Civil 1500 to Pres
T1:DV:Hist of the U.S. to 1877
and T1:DV:Hist of U.S. since 1877
HIST Electives12
Total Hours18


MATH 207Calculus I4,5
MATH 230Discrete Patterns I3
MATH 313Linear Algebra I3
MATH Upper-Level Electives 16
Total Hours16-17

Note: Credit for courses not listed in this Catalog requires permission of the Division Chair in order to be counted toward the mathematics minor.

Medical Humanities

ENG 200-3T1:DV:Body in Pain:La Ill/Suff 13
HIST 303H3: History of Medicine3
PHIL 304H3:Bioethics3
PHIL 350H2b:Philosophy of Medicine3
Electives (Choose two)6
H1:DV:Public Policy
Spirituality and Health 1
Sem: Selected Philosophers 1
H2b:DV:Death, Dying and Bereav
Total Hours18


Required Courses
MUS 161Music Theory I3
MUS 162Music Theory II3
MUS 208Western Music History I3
MUS 209Western Music History II3
Elective Tracks
Select one of the following Tracks:6
Performance Track (audition required)
General Music Track
Total Hours18

Performance Track

Take 4 credits on one of the following:4
Voice for Minors
Piano for Minors
Guitar for Majors
Violin for Majors
Organ for Majors
Total Hours4

General Music Track

Select two of the following:6
H2b:Hist of Great Choral Works
T1:DV:Ameri Musical Theater
T1:DV:History of Blues & Jazz
T1:History of Rock Music
T1: Music and The Movies
T1:History of Dance & Music
Total Hours6

Museum Studies

MS 101Introduction to Museum Studies3
MS 201Public History Practicum3
MS 401Seminar in Museology3
MS Electives at level 200 or higher 19
Total Hours18

Objects Conservation Minor 

MS 101Introduction to Museum Studies3
Content Area Focus3
ARHI Elective
HIST Elective
Natural Science Elective
BIO 100 or 200 level Elective
Studio Art3
ART 100 or 200 level Elective
CHEM 109T1:Gen Org/Biochem I3
CHEM 109LGen Org/Biochem I/Lab1
CHEM 221Essentials of Organc Chemistry4
CHEM 416LIntegrated Laboratory Exp II2
Total Hours19

Peace Studies Minor

PEAC 201H1:Intro to Peace Studies (formerly PS 201)3
PEAC 301H3:Conflict Resolution (formerly PS 301)3
Area A: Peace and National and International Systems
Select one of the following: 13
H2b:DV:Comparative Politics
H1:DV:Genocide in Modern Times
H1:DV:World Politics
H1:American Foreign Policy
H1:InternPoliti Econ
H3:International Law
DV: Govt & Pol in Mod Latin Am
DV: History of Mod Middle East
DV:History of Modern Africa
Area B - Influences on Peace
Select one of the following: 13
H3: Intercultura Communication
H3:International Law
H3:Rep Brok Wrld:Jew Valu Heal
T1:Psychology of Violence
H2b:Human Rights in Latin Amer
Area C - The Promotion of Social. Economic, and Environmental Justice
Select one of the following: 13
H2b:DV:Comparative Politics
H3:DV:Povty & Prspty in Dev Wd (formerly Politics and Economics of Developing Nations)
H1:InternPoliti Econ
T1:DV:African-American History
H1:Rise/Fall of Nazi Germany
H1:DV:Hate Groups/Violence
H1:DV: Holacaust Studies
Plagues Engineered by Humans
T1:DV:Social/Cult Divers
H1:DV:Urban Sociology
Selected Topics in Applied Soc
Restorative Justice
H2a:SL:Princ of Justice/Peace
PEAC Electives
Select two courses from Area A, B, or C: 16
Total Hours21


PHIL Elective (100-level)3
PHIL Elective (200-level)3
PHIL Elective (300-level)3
PHIL Elective (400-level)3
PHIL Electives6
Total Hours18

Psychology Minor

PSYC 120T1:Principles of Psychology3
Biological Bases/Cognitive & Learning Processes/Developmental Processes
Select one of the following:3
Principles of Learning
Cognitive Processes
Cognitive Neuropsychology
Physiological Psychology
DV:Abnormal Psychology
Social Process/Biological Bases/Diversity/Individual Differences
Select one of the following:3
Industrial/Organizatio Psyc
DV:Group Process
DV:Social Psychology
T1:DV:Human Devel Across Lifes
H1:Crit Iss in Child/Adol Deve
Select one of the following: 19
Total Hours18


SOC 101T1:Principles of Sociology3
SOC 205T1:DV:Social/Cult Divers3
SOC 303H1:DV:Marriage, Family&Intimac (formerly Family Systems)3
SOC Electives 19
Total Hours18


THEO 215H2a:Old Testament Scriptures3
THEO 216H2a:New Testament Scriptures3
THEO Elective (200-level)3
THEO Elective (300-level)3
THEO Elective (400-level)3
THEO Elective3
Total Hours18

All Theology minors must have completed THEO 106 as a prerequisite Tier 1 Course.

Visual Communication Design (formerly Graphic Design)

COM 175Digital CreativityApplications3
COM 230Design for Interactive Media3
COM 285DM:Visual Communication3
COM/GD 295Graphic Design3
COM/GD 296Graphic Design II3
GD 397Graphic Design III3
Total Hours18