Learning Designs and Technologies - (MAED)

Master of Arts in Education - Learning Designs and Technologies
Licensed educators who complete the Walsh University’s Computer and Technology Endorsement program may teach computer science or technology (STEM) courses in K-12 schools.  Additionally, teachers holding this credential provide leadership in technology for local, state, or national education initiatives, technology/curriculum integration, and professional development coaching. 

Learning Designs and Technologies Requirements

Core Courses 1
EDF 601Psychology of Learning3
EDF 606Acc Learn w/Special Needs3
EDF 607Research Methods3
EDF 620Teaching and Learning3
EDF 621Legal/Ethical Issues in Educ3
EDF 622Philosophy of Education3
Capstone Course 2
EDF 701Capstone Experience3
Learning Designs and Technologies Required Courses
EDT 601Information and Communications 33
EDT 616Learning & Design Technologies 33
EDT 617App Instruc Des and Developmen 33
EDT 618Design,Develop/Deliv of elearn 33
EDT 619Learn Des & Tech Practicum 33
Total Hours36

 A minimum of 3 EDF courses must be taken prior to approval for candidacy.


Taken during the final semester of the MAED program


With the approval of the Walsh University graduate advisors, the remaining 15 hours may be fulfilled by elective, or alternative format courses. The choice includes courses from EDT (3 digit course numbers) and up to six hours of alternative format courses or workshops