Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS)

How Can One Earn Credit?

  • EDT 650, Developing Language and Literacy: complete LETRS Units 1 & 2, and all parts of each session’s “Bridge to Practice.”  

  • EDT 652, Principles and Practice of Teaching Phonics:  complete LETRS Units 3 & 4, and all parts of each session’s “Bridge to Practice.”  

  • EDT 654, Content Area Reading: complete LETRS Units 5, 6, & 7, and all parts of each session’s “Bridge to Practice.”  

  • EDT 655 Literacy & Writing Connections: complete LETRS Unit 8 along with a 4-week course covering The Writing Revolution (this will also require 15 hours of fieldwork during EDT 655. This course will also only be offered during the Spring 2 term).  

  • Your principal/supervisor must sign off on the Bridge to Practice work; the Project Coordinator or Regional Leader can confirm that the online LETRS sessions are completed.  

  • Once your work has been verified, submit the completed application with the tuition payment to receive credit. 


What is the required timeline to purchase credit? - You can purchase credit at any time once you have met the requirements for the specific course credit being sought.  For example, if you need six hours for renewal, you could apply for EDT 650 and EDT 652 at the same time.  You can purchase in steps or in bulk once you have completed Unit 7. 

How do I apply for LETRS credit? - Students can apply for LETRS credit by filling out the Graduate Education Credit Form and submitting it to the Student Service Center for processing.

How can one earn an Ohio Reading Endorsement? - For Walsh:  If you have a prior literacy course (including undergraduate), you need to complete EDF 655, Clinical Practicum in Reading.


Can these courses be applied towards a master’s degree?  Yes, Walsh accepts these courses as part of an MAED program.   

For information on applying for the endorsement or MAED programs, please contact Dr. Jeff Warnke, Director of Graduate Education Studies by emailing