Data Analytics (M.B.A.)

MBA Core Requirements

The MBA degree requires the successful completion of thirty-six (36) semester hours of coursework for a student who demonstrates all required competencies upon entry.

All incoming MBA students will be required to take MBA 621 in their first semester.


MBA – Data Analytics Specialty degree requirements

MBA Core Courses(Common Body of Knowledge)
MBA 600Business Foundations (If applicable)1
MBA 621Sustainable Ethical Leadership3
MBA 622Organ Behavior & Communication3
MBA 623Financial Accounting & Mgmt3
MBA 624Marketing Management3
MBA 625Information Systems3
MBA 626Applied Org Research&Analysis3
Specialty Courses
Must successfully complete all of the following:
MBA 702Quality & Performance Mgmt3
MBA 745Analytics for Bus Intelligence3
MBA 746Data Analytics: Mgr Prespectiv3
MBA 747Database Strategies3
Elective Specialty Course
May be any MBA course not required for this specialty3
Capstone Course
After successfully completing all core, specialty and specialty elective courses:
MBA 719Strategic Management3
Total Credit Hours:36-37