MSN-DNP Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Foundations Courses (12 credit hours)
NURS 701Nurs Sci Adv Pract:Theor/Found3
NURS 702Advanced Nursing Research3
NURS 706Hlth Care Policy, Organ/Financ3
NURS 710Nurs Role & Ethics for Clin Do3
Practice Application Courses (21 credit hours)
NURS 610Advanced Pathophysiology3
NURS 612Advanced Pharmacology3
NURS 614Adv Health Assessment3
NURS 650Adv Princ of Psychopathology3
NURS 654Adv Psychopharmacology3
NURS 671Intensive I0
NURS 672Intensive II0
NURS 705App of Epidemiol to Hlth Serv3
NURS 718Hltcr Tech & Data Mgmt3
Expert Knowledge Courses (25 credit hours)
NURS 651Mental Hlth As & Int w/Ped Cli2
NURS 652Psych Assess & Interview Tech3
NURS 653Care of the PMH Client4
NURS 655Care of Pys Mtl Hlth Cli in Cr4
NURS 657Care of Client w/Sub Abuse Dis4
NURS 658Clin Mgmt of Psychiatric Clien2
NURS 659Prac in Pyschiatric MH Nurs3
NURS 660Therapeutic Interventions3
Additional Research (2 credit hours)
NURS 708Translat Evid to Clinl Pract2
Specialty Content Courses (7 credit hours)
MBA 723Healthcare Finance/Economics3
NURS 725Adv Leader in Clin Practice4
Capstone Project Courses (7 credit hours)
NURS 730Residency Practicum3
NURS 731DNP Project1-4
Total PMHNP Clinical Hours: 600
Total DNP Clinical Hours: 500
Total Hours71-74