MSN-DNP Family Nurse Practitioner

Foundations Courses (9 credit hours)
NURS 701Nurs Sci Adv Pract:Theor/Found3
NURS 706Hlth Care Policy, Organ/Financ3
NURS 710Nurs Role & Ethics for Clin Do3
Practice Application Courses (21 credit hours)
NURS 610Advanced Pathophysiology3
NURS 612Advanced Pharmacology3
NURS 614Adv Health Assessment3
NURS 640Clini Assessment & Management3
NURS 642Clinical Pharmacology3
NURS 671Intensive I0
NURS 672Intensive II0
NURS 705App of Epidemiol to Hlth Serv3
NURS 718Hltcr Tech & Data Mgmt3
Expert Knowledge Courses (14 credit hours)
NURS 644AFNP I Sem:Care of Adults&Elder3
NURS 644BFNP I Practicum (250 Clinical Hours)2
NURS 646AFNP II Sem:CareOfChild&Women3
NURS 646BFNP II: Practicum (200 Clinical Hours)3
NURS 648AFNP III Sem:Capstone/Prim.Care2
NURS 648BFNP III: Practicum (300 Clinical Hours)2
Additional Research Course (2 credit hours)
NURS 708Translat Evid to Clinl Pract2
Specialty Content Courses (7 credit hours)
MBA 723Healthcare Finance/Economics3
NURS 725Adv Leader in Clin Practice4
Capstone Project Courses (7 credit hours)
NURS 730Residency Practicum3
NURS 731DNP Project1-4
Total FNP Clinical Hours: 750
Total DNP Clinical Hours: 500
Total Hours58-61