Nurse Educator Track

Nurse Educator Track

The Byers School of Nursing, Nurse Educator Track is designed for nurses who wish to gain knowledge, skills and expertise related to teaching in nursing.

The Nurse Educator Track objectives are to:
  1. Utilize nursing and education research to create teaching strategies designed to support nursing education in a dynamic learning environment.
  2. Exhibit leadership skills as a significant figure in the interdisciplinary health care team for the improvement of nursing education.
  3. Analyze legal, ethical, and regulatory issues impacting health care delivery systems and education systems for the improvement of nursing education.
  4. Engage in scholarship activities within the nurse educator role.

Nurse Educator Track Guidelines

Admission Policy

Participants enrolled in the Nurse Educator track must comply with the Byers School of Nursing graduate admission requirements.

Program Delivery

The Nurse Educator track is offered using a distance learning methodology*. 

Registration Procedures

New students are given instructions on how to register with their acceptance letter. Before or during the first half of the first semester, students are encouraged to meet with their faculty advisors to map out a curriculum plan. For the remainder of the program students are responsible for registering for their own classes. The process is as follows:  

  • Graduate students may register on-line via the Walsh University Cavalier Center ( To register on-line, the student must obtain an alternate PIN from their assigned academic advisor and resolve any holds that may prevent registration.
  • Obtain a form from the website ( ). Click on “Academics” and scroll down to the “Office of the Registrar” link. Scroll down to the link “forms” and then on “Graduate Registration Form”. Download a copy and fax (330) 490-7372, mail or present the completed form to the Registrar’s Office (located in Farrell Hall).

*Online refers to the definition from the Higher Learning Commission: Distance-delivered courses are those in which all or the vast majority (typically 75% or more) of the instruction and interaction occurs via electronic communication, correspondence, or equivalent mechanisms, with the faculty and students physically separated from each other. 

Nurse Educator Track

Foundation Courses (11 Credit Hours)
NURS 600Theoretical Devel of Nurs Sci3
NURS 601Research Meth/Evid Based Pract3
NURS 603Prof Role Dev/Ethical Issues3
NURS 606Hlth Care Policy,Organ/ Financ2
Practice Application Courses (18 Credit Hours)
NURS 605Epi Methods for Hlth Promotion2
NURS 610Advanced Pathophysiology3
NURS 612Advanced Pharmacology3
NURS 614Adv Health Assessment3
NURS 615Sem in Adv Clinical Specialty2
NURS 616Prac in Adv Clinical Specialty (150 clinical hours)3
Sem in Prof Development (2 sem. hours) 1
NURS 618Health Informatics (project hours)2
Practicum in Nurs Prof Develop (3 sem. hours) (150 clinical hours) 1
Expert Knowledge (11 Credit Hours)
NURS 630Assess,Meas&Eval in Nurs Educ2
NURS 631Curr Design in Nurs Education3
NURS 632Teach Strateg in Nursing Educ2
NURS 635Practicum in Nurs Education (160 clinical hours)4
Total Clinical Hours: 310
Total Hours40

1 NURS 617 and NURS 619 are required for Professional Development Students and take the place of NURS 615 and NURS 616