BA/MBA Program (Bachelor's Degree & MBA for Business Majors)

The BA/MBA program is open to any qualified graduating high school senior and Walsh business major undergraduate student who wishes to expand his or her current business knowledge and/or supplement one’s current non-business undergraduate degree with an MBA degree. As such, the student may apply as a part of his/her undergraduate admissions process and up to the end of the first semester in which the student attains junior-class level status (60 earned credit hours).

A student applying to the BA/MBA Program must satisfy two of the following:

  • Minimum 3.50 cumulative high school GPA performance.
  • Minimum ACT score of 25 or an SAT score of 1150.
  • Graduate in the top 15% of high school class.


The following documents must be submitted for any student (high school or transfer) applying to the BA/MBA Program:

  • Completion of an MBA application form (separate from the Walsh University admission application form).
  • Submission of all high school and university (if applicable) transcripts.
  • Submission of two letters of reference
    • For the high senior applying to the BA/MBA Program, one letter from the student’s high school college counselor (or appropriate school representative) and one letter from the student’s high school teacher (business teacher preferred).
    • For the transfer student applying to the BA/MBA Program, one letter from the student’s high school college counselor or teacher (business teach preferred) and one letter from a university faculty member from the undergraduate institution.
  • Completion of an in-person interview with the MBA Director.

By the end of the BA/MBA student’s completion of his/her junior year (60 earned credit hours), the student must achieve a minimum 3.50 GPA. The minimum 3.50 must be maintained for progression in the BA/MBA program.  A student who achieves and maintains the minimum 3.50 will take up to two (2) MBA courses in his/her senior year (90 earned credit hours).  Failure to maintain the 3.50 cumulative GPA will disqualify the student from taking any MBA coursework while an undergraduate. 

Admission Decision

A BA/MBA student is dually admitted to the BA in Business and the MBA programs. In addition to meeting admission requirements for both programs, the admitted student must maintain 3.50 GPA in undergraduate coursework to remain in good standing in the program. Upon successful completion of the requirements for the BA portion of the program, the student will be awarded the Bachelor of Arts in Business and a change from undergraduate to graduate student status. Upon successful completion of all graduation requirements in the MBA Program, the student will be awarded the Master of Arts in Business.

If an admitted student fails to complete any/all undergraduate graduation requirements, the student’s MBA Program status will be changed to “provisional” until such time that these undergraduate graduation requirements have been met.

Undergraduate & Graduate Policies

While an undergraduate, all university and undergraduate policies will apply to the student.  Following completion of the undergraduate degree, all university and DeVille School of Business MBA Program policies will apply to the student.

A student admitted to BA/MBA Program will be begin MBA coursework in the senior year while competing undergraduate coursework.  The MBA courses may be used to satisfy the student’s undergraduate elective options.  To receive MBA credit for courses, the student must attain a grade of “B-“or higher.

Accounting Majors

  • BUS 521 (Sustainable Ethical Leadership)
  • BUS 526 (Applied Organizational Research & Analysis)

Finance Majors

  • BUS 521 (Sustainable Ethical Leadership)
  • BUS 526 (Applied Organizational Research & Analysis)

Management Majors


  • BUS 521 (Sustainable Ethical Leadership)
  • BUS 522 (Organizational Behavior & Communication)

The MBA courses taken during the student’s senior year will be included in the student’s normal undergraduate tuition fee structure.  After completing the Bachelor’s degree, the student is eligible to receive the Walsh University 25% tuition discount on all future coursework completed at the University.