Sociology Research Methods and Data Analysis (B.A.)



Sociology Core21
SOC 101T1:Principles of Sociology3
or SOC 204 DV:T1:Social Problems
SOC 211Writing/Research in Sociology3
SOC 220Social Research Methods3
BSC 221Stats for Behavioral Science3
BSC 301DV:Social Psychology3
BSC 430DV:Applied Behav Science Sem3
SOC 401H2b:Sociological Theory3
Research Methods and Data Analysis27
BUS 110Integrated Bus Experience I3
BUS 311Marketing Research3
ENG 342Grant Writing3
SOC 320Data Collection Techniques3
SOC 321Data Analysis/Management3
SOC 460-1Research Project Proposal3
SOC 460-2Senior Research Project3
SOC Elective (Family Studies course recommended)3
SOC Elective (Criminology/CJ course recommended)3
Total Hours48