Exercise Science (B.S.) - 3+2 Early Assurance Pre-Athletic Training Track


  • Graduates will be able to assess the basic components of fitness, with an understanding of the health and physiological significance of each measurement.
  • Graduates will be able to demonstrate the ability to analyze a biomechanical skill and communicate their findings with an emphasis placed upon performance and injury prevention.
  • Graduates will demonstrate professionalism in an authentic situation and will perform as an entry level professional in the field.
  • Graduates will be able demonstrate the ability to carry about research by designing a research study, collecting data, analyzing data with the proper statistical analysis and also by writing a research style paper.
  • Graduates will show acceptable levels of fitness for professionals in the fields of health and wellness.
  • Graduates will be able to review a specific disease pathology, evaluate specific limitations to exercise and create an effective exercise protocol for that population.
  • Year 4 will be taken at Youngstown State University (63 credit hours at Walsh, 35 credit hours at YSU).



Biology14 Credit Hours
BIO 101T1:Principles of Biology I3
BIO 101LPrinciples of Biology I: Lab1
BIO 200Medical Terminology1,2
BIO 209Anatomy/Physiology I3
BIO 209LAnatomy/Physiology I: Lab1
BIO 210Anatomy/Physiology II3
BIO 210LAnatomy/Physiology II: Lab1
Chemistry4 Credit Hours
CHEM 109T1:Gen Org/Biochem I3
CHEM 109LGen Org/Biochem I/Lab1
Exercise Science26 Credit Hours
EXS 261First Aid2
EXS 263H1:DV:Personal/Com Health3
EXS 362Care/Prev of Athletic Injuries3
EXS 363Adv Athletic Injury Management3
EXS 381Physiology of Exercise3
EXS 385Biomechanics3
EXS 464Tests & Meas in Ex Sci & Sport3
EXS 474Exercise Testing and Prescript3
EXS 484Concepts in Exercise Science3
Other Requirements19 Credit Hours
NS 207Nutrition3
PSYC 120T1:Principles of Psychology3
MATH 155Elementary Functions I3
MATH 156Elementary Functions II3
MATH 221Statistics3
PHYS 101Principles of Physics I3
PHYS 101LPrinciples of Physics I: Lab1

Athletic Training (Year 4 at Youngstown State University) - 35 Credit Hours

  • MAT 6900     Basic Athletic Training Laboratory                                             1
  • MAT 6901     Emergency & Acute Care in Sports Medicine                            3
  • MAT 6910     Clinical Practicum I                                                                    1
  • MAT 5865     Functional Human Gross Anatomy                                             4
  • MAT 6915     Evaluation & Management of Lower Extremity Injuries            4
  • MAT 6920     Therapeutic Modalities                                                               4
  • MAT 6930     Clinical Practicum II                                                                   2
  • MAT 6950     Evidence-Based Practice/Research                                             3
  • MAT 6925     Evaluation & Management of Upper Extremity Injuries            4
  • MAT 6940     Therapeutic Exercise                                                                  4
  • MAT 6945     General Medical Conditions                                                       3
  • MAT 6960     Clinical Practicum III                                                                 2

Year 4 at Youngstown State University (YSU) will start in the summer following the Walsh junior year. The summer, fall and spring of year 4 will be at YSU. Total credits at YSU, including summer, fall and spring of year 4, will count toward 35 credit hours of exercise science coursework, exercise science electives and core curriculum at Walsh.

The first 3 years at Walsh will include courses shown in the Table above (NOT the YSU MAT courses in year 4), as well as the majority of the general education curriculum. It may require some summer courses to complete this major in the 3+2 window. Check with your advisor for details.

At the end of the spring semester in year 4, the BS in Exercise Science Pre-Athletic Training will have been earned and you will graduate from Walsh. You will then need to apply to the YSU Master's of Athletic Training program (see advisor for details) to complete the 5th year at YSU. Once accepted into the YSU Master's of Athletic Training program, you will complete summer, fall and spring courses at YSU to finish an MS in Athletic Training from YSU in the spring of year 5.

PLEASE NOTE: During year 4, the Walsh students in the 3+2 Pre-Athletic Training program will have both a Walsh and YSU advisor. Special consideration will be made to work with Honors students.

The exact courses involved in this program are subject to change. All changes will benefit students enrolled.