Mathematics (B.S.)



See course sequence restrictions.

MATH 207Calculus I5
MATH 208Calculus II4
MATH 230Discrete Patterns I3
or MATH 231 Discrete Patterns II
MATH 307Calculus III4
MATH 313Linear Algebra I3
MATH 321Prob/Statistical Infer I3
MATH 390Internship1-3
MATH 405Intro to Modern Analysis I3
MATH 421Introduction Modern Algebra I3
MATH 450Math Seminar1
MATH 450Math Seminar1
MATH 450Math Seminar1
MATH Electives (200-level or higher but not MATH 221 or 390)9
Computer Science
CS Elective (CS 111 or higher but not CS 230)3
Total Hours44-46

Credit for courses not listed in this Catalog requires permission of the Division Chair in order to be counted toward the mathematics major. Any deviations/waivers must be in writing and signed by the Division Chair.  Students must pass each course with a "C-" grade or higher for the major.