Computer Science (B.S.) — Digital Applications



Computer Science: Digital Applications Required Courses
CS 108Found of Computer Science I3
CS 109Foundations of CS 113
CS 111Intro to Obj-Oriented Program3
CS/ICT 112Introduction to Networking3
CS/DA 113Intro to Digital Applications3
CS/DA 251Web Publishing3
CS/DA 298Computer Sci Career Seminar I1
CS 385Computer Science Internship1-6
CS/DA 498CS Career Seminar II1
DA 301Mobile Computing Applic I3
DA 302Social Media Applications3
DA 410Digital Applications Project3
Communication Required Courses
COM 285Visual Communication3
COM 295Graphic Design3
COM 330Desktop Publishing3
Computer Science: Digital Application/Communication Elective Courses
Select six credit hours from the following:6
Advanced Desktop Publishing
Information Technology App
Advanced Website Design
Mobile Computing App II
Total Hours45-50

Students must pass each course with a "C-" grade or higher for the major.