Professional Writing (B.A.)

Professional Writing Core Courses
Professional Writing I
H3:Professional Writing II
Writing in Context
Select two of the following:6
T1:Studies in Short Fiction
T1:DV:Cre Eq:Iss of Gen/Rac
T1:DV:Body in Pain:La Ill/Suff
T1:Money and Success
T1:Intro to Drama
T1:DV:On Food
T1:Graphic Novels as Art&Liter
T1:DV:Women in Literature
Introduction Creative Writing
Creative Digi Prac Production
Advanced Writing Experience
Select three of the following:9
H2b:The Literary Essay
Advanced Creative Writing
H2b:Travel Writing
Grant Writing
Intro to Research Methodology
Intro to Technical Writing
Digital Storytelling
Digital Content Management
Time Based Media
Writing for Social Media
Web and Social Media Analytics
Culture Specialty
Select either A. Digital or B. Global Culture specialties:6
A.) Digital Culture Specialty
Intro to Cont Dev in Org Train
Lit Culture in Transmedia Age
B.) Global Culture Specialty 1,2
Understanding Translation
Spec Top for International Stu
Elective Hours
Select two courses at the 300-level6
Internship Hours
English Internship 3
Capstone Experience
Select one of the following:3
Creative Writing:Pub/Perform
Adv Studies in Composition
Independent Study
Total Hours30

Note:  ENG 200-2,  ENG 200-3ENG 200-6 and ENG 200-9  are diversity courses.