Professional Writing (B.A.)

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students are able to interpret texts formally, using vocabulary relevant to the study of poetics, genre and narrative.
  • Students are able to interpret texts through cultural analysis
  • Students are able to interpret texts in their historical contexts.
  • Students are able to apply a variety of current critical and theoretical approaches to the study of texts and discourse.
  • Students are able to speak and write clearly to a variety of audiences.
  • Students are able to apply scholarly research skills essential to the study of texts using library and online resources (i.e. books, periodicals, indices, electronic media/databases, and other recent technologies).
Professional Writing Core Courses6
Professional Writing I
Writing in Context6
Select two of the following:
FD:T1:Studies in Short Fiction
T1:FD:DV:Cre Eq:Iss of Gen/Rac
T1:FD:Money and Success
T1:FD:Intro to Drama
T1:FD:DV:On Food
T1:FD:Lit of British Isles II
T1:FD:World Literature II
Advanced Writing Experience6
Select two of the following:
H3:TH3:The Modern Rhetoric
Grant Writing
Intro to Technical Writing
Adv Jour Writ/Edit Print Media 1
Broadcast Writing/Journalism 1
Writing for Advertising and PR 1
COM 400-x Course descriptions in catalog
Information Literacy6
Select two of the following:
Intro to Research and Writing
Research Methods in Mass Comm
Introduction to Research
Research Methods
Scholarly Research and Writing (must be in Honors Program to take)
Writing Focus9
Select three courses - students must take at least one from each focus area.
Creative Writing Focus Area
Introduction Creative Writing
Advanced Creative Writing
Magazine Article Writing 1
Content Development Focus Area
(COM 175 is a prerequisite for COM 235 and 316)
Digital CreativityApplications
Design for Interactive Media
Creative Digi Prac Production
Digital Storytelling
Professional Writing Internshp
Capstone Experience1
(Select one - student should select a course that matches their area of expertise)
Total Hours37

COM 250 is a required prerequisite course