Graphic Design (B.A.)



Core 1 Requirements
ARHI 101T1:DV:History of Art3
ART 102T1:Visual Order3
COM 175Digital CreativityApplications3
COM 285DM:Visual Communication3
GD/COM 295Graphic Design3
GD/COM 296Graphic Design II3
GD 397Graphic Design III3
Once all the above coursework is completed and before proceeding with an internship or the Portfolio/Capstone course, students must participate in a faculty review, have 2.5 GPA, and meet standards consistent with the graphic design profession.
Core 2 Requirements
GD 398Graphic Design IV3
GD 430Graphic Design Internship I3
GD 431Graphic Design Internship II3
GD 440Graphic Design Port/Capstone3
Select two of the following:6
T1: Spcl Topics in Art History
T1:Drawing I
T1:Special Topics in StudioArt (Series)
Digital Photojournalism
Desktop Publishing
Advanced Desktop Publishing
Web Publishing
Special Topics in Graphic Desi
Total Hours39