English (B.A.)



Required Gateway Course
ENG 299Intro to Literary Interp/Criti3
Historical Experience
Select three of the following:9
T1:Lit of British Isles I
T1:Lit of British Isles II
T1:World Literature I
T1:World Literature II
T1:United States Literature I
T1:United States Literature II
Introductory Writing Experience
ENG 220Introduction Creative Writing3
or ENG 240 Professional Writing I
Advanced Writing Experience
Select one of the following:3
Advanced Creative Writing 3
Composing Process
H3:The Modern Rhetoric
H2b:Travel Writing 1
H3:Professional Writing II
Grant Writing
Broadcast Writing/Journalism 2
Writing for Advertising and PR
Magazine Article Writing 2
Sports Writing 2
Select five courses, only one of which may be 200-level 415
ENG 480English Internship 61-3
Capstone Experience
Select two of the following, one of which must be literature6
Seminar in American Authors
Sem:Authors of British Isle
Sem:Comparative or Contine Lit
Creative Writing:Pub/Perform
Adv Studies in Composition
Total Hours40-42