English (B.A.)



Required Gateway Course
ENG 299Intro to Literary Interp/Criti3
Historical Experience
Select three of the following:9
T1:Lit of British Isles I
T1:Lit of British Isles II
T1:World Literature I
T1:World Literature II
T1:United States Literature I
T1:United States Literature II
Introductory Writing Experience
ENG 220Introduction Creative Writing3
or ENG 240 Professional Writing I
Advanced Writing Experience
Select one of the following:3
Advanced Creative Writing
Composing Process
H3:The Modern Rhetoric
H2b:Travel Writing 1
H3:Professional Writing II
Grant Writing
Broadcast Writing/Journalism 2
Writing for Advertising and PR 4
Magazine Article Writing 2
Sports Writing 2
Select five courses, only one of which may be 200-level15
Students are encouraged to create concentrations in literature including comparative literature studied in French or Spanish, composition or research and library studies
ENG 480English Internship 61-3
Capstone Experience
Select two of the following, one of which must be literature6
Seminar in American Authors
Sem:Authors of British Isle
Sem:Comparative or Contine Lit
Creative Writing:Pub/Perform
Adv Studies in Composition
Total Hours40-42

ENG 335 (Travel Writing) can be taken by arrangement for any majors traveling abroad.


COM 250 is a pre-requisite for these courses


ENG 220 or COM 250 is a pre-requisite


Students with an interest in Comparative Literature may substitute any French or Spanish literature courses in this area. Students are highly encouraged to do a global studies experience before they graduate.


COM 250 and COM 360 are pre-requisites


Other internship courses can be accepted. Internship experience equivalents are decided at the recommendation of the Division Chair and at the discretion of the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences.