International Relations Major (B.A.)



Common Professional Component
GFA 209T1:DV:World Regional Geography3
GFA 214Introduction to Research3
GFA 215Research Methods3
ECON 203T1:Global Microeconomics3
ECON 204Global Macroeconomics3
HIST 102T1:DV:World Civil 1500 to Pres3
GFA 430Internship I3
Global Learning Experience 13
ECON 301H2b:DV:Global Econ Perspect3
or ECON 320 International Trade/Finance
Government and Foreign Affairs
Select three of the following:9
H2b:DV:Comparative Politics
H1:DV:World Politics
H3:DV:Povty & Prspty in Dev Wd
H1:InternPoliti Econ
H3:International Law
Select three of the following:9
H2b: History of Modern Europe
DV: Govt & Pol in Mod Latin Am
DV: History of Mod Middle East
DV:History of Modern Africa
DV: Aspects East Asian Civil
Foreign Language
Select nine hours at the 202 level and above in a spoken foreign language9
Total Hours54