International Relations Major (B.A.)



Common Professional Component
GFA 209T1:DV:World Regional Geography3
GFA 214Introduction to Research3
GFA 215Research Methods3
ECON 203T1:Global Microeconomics3
ECON 204Global Macroeconomics3
HIST 102T1:DV:World Civil 1500 to Pres3
GFA 430Internship I3
Global Learning Experience 13
ECON 301H2b:DV:Global Econ Perspect3
or ECON 320 International Trade/Finance
Government and Foreign Affairs
Select three of the following:9
H2b:DV:Comparative Politics
H1:DV:World Politics
H3:DV:Povty & Prspty in Dev Wd
H1:InternPoliti Econ
H3:International Law
Select three of the following:9
H2b: History of Modern Europe
DV: Govt & Pol in Mod Latin Am
DV: History of Mod Middle East
DV:History of Modern Africa
DV: Aspects East Asian Civil
Foreign Language
Select nine hours at the 202 level and above in a spoken foreign language9
Total Hours54

A Global Experience is defined as an experience unique to a student designed in collaboration with a faculty mentor and could include but is not limited to a study abroad program, a Washington or other internship with an international organization or an embassy or another experience that exposes the student to some aspect of international relations and is international in perspective. The Director of Global Learning must approve the Global Learning Experience.