History (B.A.)



History Requirements
Students must take at least three of the four 100 level courses9
T1:DV:World Civil to 1500
T1:DV:World Civil 1500 to Pres
T1:DV:Hist of the U.S. to 1877
T1:DV:Hist of U.S. since 1877
HIST 210Intro to Research and Writing3
HIST 385Internship1-3
HIST 400Senior Seminar Capstone (must complete HIST 201)3
History Electives
Category A 200 Level Electives: Students must take at least two courses from this category6
H2b:Diplo Hist U.S. since 1877
American Colonial History
H2b:The Fren Revolut and Napo
History of Ohio
H2b:Cultrl Encounter Glob Wld
H2b:Military History of the US
T1:DV:African-American History
DV:T1:Glob Pers in Gender Hist
H1:US in the Long 19th Century
H2b:American Catholic History
Special Topics
Category B 300 Level Electives: Students must take at least two courses from this category. Student must have completed at least one 200 level course6
H2b:Hist of the Ancient World
H2b:Hist of Medieval Europe
H2b:Hist of Early Mode Europe
H2b: History of Modern Europe
H1:Rise/Fall of Nazi Germany
H1:DV:Indust Revol in World
H2B: Modern Britain
Civil War & Reconstruction
Gilded & Progressive Age Ameri
H1:U.S. in the 20th Century
DV: Govt & Pol in Mod Latin Am (CL: GFA 311)
DV: History of Mod Middle East
DV:History of Modern Africa
DV:History of Modern Asia
Special Topics
Category C 400 Level Electives: Students must have completed at least one 300 level course
H2b:Constitutional Law (CL: GFA 403)
H2b: Sports & Soc in US Hist
H2b:Europ Intellect Hist
Readings in History
H3: History of Medicine
H3:Sem Hist of War & Society
H3:Sem Case Stds in Genocide
H3:Sem US Race/Class/Gender
Additional electives from any category9
*One of the student's electives may come from a 100 level survey course
*Students are limited one cross-listed course towards their History major credits
*Global Learning Experience (optional but recommended)
Total Hours37-39