Music (B.A.)

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Students will demonstrate fluent musicianship and sight-reading skills, and understanding of music theory, competent keyboard proficiency, and basic conducting skills.

2. Students will develop proficiency with a principal musical instrument, demonstrating the physical, technical, analytical, and expressive perspectives that lead to a cultured artistry within a variety of repertoire in both solo and ensemble performance.

3. Students will apply knowledge of Western music history as well as traditional music of other cultures throughout the world to the understanding of an increasingly eclectic modern culture.

4. Students will think, speak, and write clearly and effectively about the art of music.

5. Students will evaluate and synthesize current research literature and online information, relevant to issues in music.

Concentrations available in Performance, Sacred Music, or Modern Musical Culture



Major Requires 47 sem. hrs.

List A – Required Core
MUS 161Music Theory I3
MUS 161LMusicianship Lab I1
MUS 162Music Theory II3
MUS 162LMusicianship Lab II1
MUS 261Music Theory III3
MUS 261LMusicianship Lab III1
MUS 262Music Theory IV3
MUS 262LMusicianship Lab IV1
MUS 208Western Music History I3
MUS 209Western Music History II3
MUS 401Recital/Capstone Project2
List B – Proficiencies
Piano Proficiency
Students must take either MUS 061 or MUS 068 until they successfully pass the Departmental Piano Proficiency Exam (offered in separate modules).
Recital Lab
Students must enroll in MUS 071 (0 credits) for seven semesters and receive a passing grade (based on concert attendance).
List C – Performance Requirements
Applied Music
Select 7 semesters from the following: 17
Voice for Majors
Piano Lessons for Majors
Guitar for Majors
Violin for Majors
Organ for Majors
Ensemble 2
Select 7 semesters from the following: 26-7
Walsh University Chorale
List D – Concentration Requirements
Select one of the following concentrations:9-10
Sacred Music
Modern Musical Culture
Total Hours46-48


Select three of the following:9
Diction for Singers (Required for Voice)
Vocal Pedagogy (Required for Voice)
Heritage of Sacred Music
Piano Pedagogy
Intro to Music Technology
Perform/Pedagogy Internship (Required)
Special Topics in Music Theory

Sacred Music

Select three of the following:9
H2b:Hist of Great Choral Works
Diction for Singers
Vocal Pedagogy
Heritage of Sacred Music (Required)
Intro to Music Technology
Sacred Music Internship (Required)
Special Topics in Music Theory

Modern Musical Culture

Select four of the following:10
H2b:Hist of Great Choral Works
T1:DV:Ameri Musical Theater
T1:DV:History of Blues & Jazz
T1:History of Rock Music
T1: Music and The Movies
T1:History of Dance & Music
Musicology Internship (Required)