Art History (B.A.)



  • General Education Requirements
  • Internship
  • A total of 36 to 37 sem. hrs. from Lists A, B, C and D
  • Minimum grade of B- in 101/102 sequence of the same Foreign Language as required for Core. Notes: If an incoming freshman has taken a placement test or is using AP credit for the language requirements, no additional language courses are required. For transfer students coming in with more than 60 credits and thus on a Reduced Core, he/she will need to take the language sequence, unless they specifically have two consecutive courses in the same foreign language from his/her previous school that are accepted by our transfer counselors.
  • A Minor in Art, Accounting, Marketing, Management, Chemistry, English-Writing, History, Museum Studies, Philosophy, Theology, or a Foreign Language
List A: Required Core
ARHI 101T1:DV:History of Art3
ARHI 301Art History Internship3
or MS 301 SL:Museum Studies Internship I
ARHI 401Senior Seminar in Art History3
ARHI 402H3:Senior Cap Paper/Art Hist3
List B: Required Diversity Course
Select one of the following:3
T1:DV:Arts of Asia, Afr, & Isl
T1:DV:NativeAm/Af Am/Women Art
List C: Studio Art Elective
Select one of the following:3
T1:Visual Order
T1:Drawing I
T1:Special Topics in StudioArt
Graphic Design
List D: Content Electives
Select six of the following:18
T1: Spcl Topics in Art History
T1:Gbl Learning Arts & Culture
T1:Greek and Roman Art
T1: Medieval Art
T1:Renaissance Art
T1:Baroque Art
T1:Modern Art
T1:American Art & Architecture
T1:History of Photography
H2b:Glbl Contemporary Art
H2b:DV:Philosophy of Art
Total Hours36