The Applied Research Program

The Applied Research Program gives students an avenue for maximizing both research and writing skills in an interdisciplinary environment.  Embedded in the majors of Government and Foreign Affairs, Sociology, Psychology, and the School of Business, students can use courses they are already taking to expand their ability to discover, explain, evaluate, and effectively interpret factual claims, theories, and assumptions; demonstrate critical thinking; communicate effectively in writing, speaking, and listening; and work individual and as a team.

Certificate of Applied Research Requirements

BUS 106Introduction to Excel3
Introduction to Research
Select the one course from your major:3
Introduction to Research
Social Research Methods
Business Research & Analytics
Research Methods/Statistics
Select the one course from your major:3
Research Methods
Stats for Behavioral Science
Business Statistics 1
Research in the Major
Select two courses from major:6
Marketing Research 2
Operations Management
H1:DV:World Politics
H3:DV:Povty & Prspty in Dev Wd
H2b:Constitutional Law
H1:InternPoliti Econ
Public Leadership
H3:International Law
H1:DV:Medical Sociology (formerly Health and Illness)
H1:DV:Sociology of Aging
Junior Research Project 3
Experimental Psychology
H3:Senior Research Project
Applied Research
Select from the following:6
Research Internship I 4
Research Internship II 4
Business Statistics 1
Total Hours21