Lead Program (Licensure in Education for Adults with Degrees)

Middle Childhood Generalist Endorsement Programs

The following endorsements can be added to a valid Middle Childhood license to enable a teacher to be highly qualified in a self-contained, grades 4-6, classroom. See advisor for details.

Grades 4-6 Language Arts Generalist Endorsement
ENG 230Literacy, Form and Function3
ENG 330AYA:Literature3
Grades 4-6 Mathematics Generalist Endorsement
MATH 107Mathematics I for Educators3
MATH 108Mathematics II for Educators3
Grades 4-6 Science Generalist Endorsement
BIO 101T1:Principles of Biology I3
NS 104T1:Physical Science3
Grades 4-6 Social Studies Generalist Endorsement
HIST 220History of Ohio3
GFA 103T1:DV:American Government3
Total Hours24

Certification Program for Teaching Religion

The Division of Education offers a diocesan certification program for teaching religion at the early childhood, middle childhood, and high school levels. This is not an Ohio Department of Education licensure program but may be used as an option for education majors seeking teaching employment in Catholic, parochial and diocesan schools.

Early and Middle Childhood (grades K-8)
THEO 215H2a:Old Testament Scriptures3
or THEO 216 H2a:New Testament Scriptures
THEO 271H2a:Cathol Belief in Practice3
THEO 403Evangelization and Catechesis3
High School Education (grades 9-12) (results in a minor in Theology)
THEO 215H2a:Old Testament Scriptures3
or THEO 216 H2a:New Testament Scriptures
THEO 203H2a:Christian Moral Life3
THEO 271H2a:Cathol Belief in Practice3
THEO 302H3:Liturgy/Sacraments3
THEO 403Evangelization and Catechesis3
Select one of the following:3
H2a:DV:Church in the Mod Wrld
H2a:Old Testament Scriptures
H2a:New Testament Scriptures
Total Hours27