Sports Management (B.B.A.)


  • A Global Learning (GL) experience


  • General Education Requirements
  • Sports Management Co-op
  • BCPI + BCPII (44 sem. hrs.)
  • Sports Management Major Requirements (27 sem. hrs.)

Business Core Program I (BCPI)

BUS 001Business Power Skills 10
BUS 002Business Power Skills 20
BUS 106Introduction to Excel2
BUS 112Business Ethics3
BUS 113Business Communications3
BUS 125Introduction to Business3
BUS 230Financ/Managerial Accounting3
BUS 231Business Law3
BUS 232Business Statistics3
BUS 233Principles of Marketing3
ECON 203T1:Global Microeconomics3

Total Hours  26

Business Core Program II (BCP II)

BUS 003Business Power Skills 30
BUS 004Business Power Skills 40
BUS 360H1:DV:Mgmt & Org Behavior3
BUS 362Management Information Sys3
BUS 363Corporate Finance I3
BUS 364Business Research & Analytics3
BUS 418Leadership Seminar3
BUS 465H3: Strategic Mgmt Capstone3

Total Hours  18

Sports Management Major Requirements (B.B.A.)

BUS 318DV: Human Resource Management3
BUS 361Project Management3
BUS 417Supply Chain & Operations Mgmt3
EXS 365Sport in American Society3
BUS 225 Intro to Sports Management3
BUS 446 Sports Management Co-op12

Sports Management Electives

(Choose 1 from the following list.)

ECON 310Economics of Sports in America3
EXS 264Org/Admin of Ex Sci & Sport3
EXS 364Sports Psychology3

Concentration/Specialization: Options 9 Credit Hours

Marketing Concentration

(Choose 3  from the following list.)

BUS 309DV: Consumer Behavior3
BUS 311Marketing Research3
BUS 426Sales Management3
BUS 430Social Media Marketing3
BUS 442Branding and Brand Mgmt3

Communication Concentration

BUS 308Global Integrated Mktg Commun3
COM 250Writing for Mass Media3
COM 400-4Sports Writing3

Data Analytics Concentration

BUS 412 Introduction to Data Analytics3
BUS 429 Database Strategies3
BUS 391? Data Analytics Practicum