Sports Management (B.B.A.)


  • A Global Learning (GL) experience


  • General Education Requirements
  • Sports Management Co-op
  • Business Core Program (48 sem. hrs.)
  • Sports Management Major Requirements (27 sem. hrs.)

Business Core Program I

BUS 001Business Power Skills 10
BUS 002Business Power Skills 20
BUS 106Introduction to Excel3
BUS 207Financial Accounting3
BUS 208Managerial Accounting3
BUS 209Corporate Financial Mgmt3
BUS 231Business Law3
BUS 232FD: Business Statistics3
BUS 233Principles of Marketing3
BUS 234TH1:CIT: Principles of Managme3
BUS 350Intermediate Excel3
BUS 360H1:GL:DV:Cross-Cultural Mgmt3
BUS 362Management Information Sys3
BUS 364Business Research & Analytics3
BUS 417Operations Management3
BUS 465H3:GL:CIT:StrategicMgmtCapston3
ECON 203FD:T1:Global Microeconomics3
ECON 204FD: Global Macroeconomics3
Total Hours48

Sports Management Major Requirements (27 hours)

BUS 225Introduction to Sports Mgmt3
BUS 300Sports Law3
BUS 338Sports Mktg and Communication3
BUS 339Facilities & Event Mgmt3
BUS 385DV:Business Internship3
ECON 310Economics of Sports in America3
EXS 365TH1:H2B:SportinAmericanSociety3
Choose two of the following (6 credit hours)6
Digital Marketing
Sports Writing
Org/Admin of Ex Sci & Sport
Sports Psychology
Total Hours27