CPA Readiness Program

The State of Ohio Accountancy Board requires candidates sitting for the Certified Public Accountant examination to document successful completion of 150 academic credit hours at either the undergraduate or undergraduate/ graduate level. Students with an accounting major from Walsh University will complete 125 credit hours for graduation. The CPA readiness program addresses the 25 credit hour gap between Walsh accounting major requirements and the Ohio Accountancy Board requirement of 150 hours.

The DeVille School of Business developed several options.  The additional hours could be applied towards a second major or minor. Also, several accounting electives are offered. A few suggestions are listed below.

The accounting major opting for the CPA Readiness Program would proceed through the accounting curriculum consistent with an accounting major without CPA aspirations. However upon graduation with the additional elective course work, an accounting major who follows the CPA Readiness Program would meet the Ohio Accountancy Board credit hour requirements to sit for the CPA exam.



Accounting Major Requirements

Business Core Program I (BCPI)

BUS 001Discovering Career Direction0
BUS 125Introduction to Business3
BUS 112Bus Ethics in Global Environ3
BUS 113Comm in Multicultural Environ3
BUS 002Refining Career Focus0
BUS 230Financ/Managerial Accounting3
BUS 231Legal,Social,Global Environ3
BUS 232Information Analysis3
BUS 233Mktg in a Global Environment3
ECON 203T1:Global Microeconomics3
ECON 204Global Macroeconomics3
MATH 155Elementary Functions I3
Total Hours30

Business Core Program II (BCP II)

BUS 003Network, Interview & Comm0
BUS 360H1:DV:Mgmt in a Global Environ3
BUS 361Project Mgmt/Global Systems3
BUS 362Global Information Systems3
BUS 363Corp Fin Mgmt in Global Env I3
BUS 364Business Research & Analytics3
BUS 004Negotiating Decision-Making0
BUS 400CBC Experience3
BUS 465H3:Integrative Global Expe III3
Total Hours21

Accounting Major Requirements (B.A.)

Major Requirements
BUS 371Intermediate Accounting I3
BUS 372Intermediate Accounting II3
BUS 373Managerial Accounting3
BUS 385-ADV:Internship: Accounting 11
BUS 423Federal Tax I, Individual3
BUS 424Federal Tax II, Corp & Partner3
BUS 434Auditing3
BUS 470Advanced Accounting I3
BUS 471Advanced Accounting II3
Recommended Electives
Fraud Examination
Intermediate Excel for Finance
DV:Internship: Accounting
Advanced Auditing
Accounting Software Systems
Total Hours25

Possible Second Major Choices and Requirements

Accounting Major / Management Major

Additional Courses
BUS 318DV:Hum Res Found in Global Org3
BUS 361Project Mgmt/Global Systems3
BUS 382Creativity & Design Thinking3
BUS 385DV:Business Internship1-12
BUS 417Operations Management3
BUS 419Supply Chain Management3
BUS 448Sustain Ach thro Organ Chg/Dev3
Total Hours19-30

Accounting Major / Marketing Major

Additional Courses
BUS 308Global Integrated Mktg Commun3
BUS 309DV:Multicultur Consumer Behav3
BUS 311Marketing Research3
BUS 385DV:Business Internship1-12
BUS 400CBC Experience3
BUS 416Marketing Strategy & Mgmt3
BUS 430Social Media3
Select one of the folllowing:3
DV:Business Internship
Product Develop & Innovation
Branding and Brand Mgmt
Total Hours22-33

Accounting Major / Communication Minor

Additional Courses
COM 210Mass Communication and Society3
COM 211Speech3
COM 250Writing for Mass Media3
COM Electives9
Total Hours18

Accounting Major/ Forensic Studies Minor

Additional Courses
Foundation Courses9
T1:Intro to Forensic Science
PSYC 200T1:Psychology of Violence3
Select three of the following:9
Fraud Examination
T1:Studies in Short Fiction
H2b:The Novel
Intro to Forensic Nursing
T1:Forensic Chemistry
PSYC 350-1ST: Forensic Psychology3
Total Hours24

Accounting Major/ Spanish Minor

Required courses depend on student’s entry level. SPAN 101-SPAN 102 not included.

Additional Courses
SPAN 201
SPAN 202
Intermediate Spanish I
and Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 301
SPAN 302
Advanced Spanish I
and Advanced Spanish II
SPAN 307
SPAN 321
Conversational Spanish
and DV:Latin American Civ/Culture
SPAN 300-400-Level electives as needed
Total Hours18