4+1 Program (Bachelor's Degree & MBA for All Majors)

The DeVille School of Business 4+1 Program is open to any qualified Walsh University non-business major undergraduate student who wishes to expand his or her current business knowledge and/or supplement one’s current non-business undergraduate degree with an Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree. The 4+1 Program is also available to Walsh University Undergraduate business majors with a cumulative GPA between 3.0 and 3.49.  Students interested in pursuing the 4+1 Program option must apply in the first semester in which he/she attains junior class (60 credit hours) level status. Transfer students will also be eligible for the 4+1 Program, so long as they will have completed a minimum of sixty-four (64) undergraduate credits at Walsh toward their undergraduate degree.


A student seeking admission to the program must:

  • Complete and submit an MBA application form in the first semester of the junior year (or upon earning 60 undergraduate credit hours) with a transcript verifying a GPA to date of 3.0 or higher.
  • Submit a current resume.

  • Submit two letters of reference from university faculty, one of which must be from within the student’s major.

  • Complete an in-person interview with the MBA Director.

  • Complete an internship in the student’s major, along with submission of an evaluation from the intern’s supervisor.

  • Transfer students will also be eligible for the 4+1 Program, so long as the student will complete a minimum of sixty-four (64) undergraduate credits at Walsh.


For admission consideration into the 4+1 Program, an undergraduate student applicant must have achieved a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.00. Following the admission review and through the remainder of undergraduate studies, the student must maintain – as a minimum – a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.00. Failure to maintain the 3.00 cumulative GPA may disqualify the student from admission into the MBA Program. An admitted student will begin MBA Pathway coursework during their senior year (or upon earning 90 credit hours)

Required MBA PATHWAY Courses

A student admitted to the 4+1 program will be required to complete the MBA Pathway courses. The MBA Pathway courses may be completed in the summer semester between the junior and senior year or during the senior year of study. The MBA Pathway courses consists of 2 three-credit hour courses. To advance to MBA coursework, the student must earn a “B" or higher in both courses. Upon successful completion of the MBA Pathway courses AND earning the Bachelor’s degree, the student will matriculate into the MBA Program.

Following graduation with a Bachelor’s degree and matriculation into the MBA Program, the student will need to successfully complete the required 36 credit hours in the MBA Program indicated under the “Degree Requirements” section of the current Walsh University Graduate Catalog.

Undergraduate & Graduate Policies

While an undergraduate student, all university and undergraduate policies will apply. Following matriculation in the MBA Program, all university and DeVille School of Business MBA Program policies will apply to the student.