Marketing (A.A.)


  • Business Core (33 sem. hrs.)
  • Marketing Major (A.A.) Requirements (18 sem. hrs.)

Associate of Arts  (33 Sem. Hrs.)

Business Core
BUS 110Integrated Bus Experience I3
BUS 111Integrative Bus Experience 23
BUS 112Bus Ethics in Global Environ3
BUS 113Comm in Multicultural Environ3
BUS 231Legal,Social,Global Environ3
BUS 233Mktg in a Global Environment3
BUS 360H1:DV:Mgmt in a Global Environ3
BUS 363Corp Fin Mgmt in Global Env I3
MATH 155Elementary Functions I3
ENG 102Read/Writing Connections3
ECON 205T1:DV:Intro to Economics (Competency in Computer Applications demonstrated through a competency exam.)3
Competency in Computer Applications demonstrated through a competency exam.
Total Hours33

Marketing Major (A.A.)

Marketing Major
BUS 308Global Integrated Mktg Commun3
BUS 309DV:Multicultur Consumer Behav3
BUS 416Marketing Strategy & Mgmt3
BUS 430Social Media3
Select two of the following:6
eCommerce in Global Environ
Product Develop & Innovation
Branding and Brand Mgmt
Total Hours18