M.A. in C.H.D. - Students Affairs in Higher Education

The Student Affairs in Higher Education track integrates core counseling knowledge and skills, student development theory, higher education administration, and student services programming with a specialized focus on diversity education. Graduates of this program will be prepared for a wide variety of college personnel roles and functions in higher education including student affairs programming, administration, residence life and housing, multicultural affairs, academic advising, student academic success programs, global learning, international student and service learning programs, and more. Students serve a 600 hour internship in higher education institutions.

Courses in the program are numbered 500 through 700. The lower-numbered courses should be taken prior to the higher-numbered 700 courses. Prerequisites are specified within the course descriptions listed in this catalog. Students are responsible for planning their course of study with their assigned advisor and for ensuring that all requirements are met. Within the first semester of admission to the CHD program, students must complete the CHD Prospectus in consultation with their advisor. Changes to the Prospectus must be approved by student’s advisor. Your advisor keeps track of your progress throughout the program by using a Student Profile Form which is updated every semester.

BSC 560DV:Intro Counsel/Counsel Prof3
CHD 602Research Methods/Prog Eval3
Areas of Concentration
CHD 610Prin/Tech/Theories of Coun/Dev3
CHD 624Career Counseling3
CHD 626Group Process3
CHD 730Soc/Cult Diversity in Coun3
CHD 628Post-Secondary Stud Developmen3
CHD 640Found,Func & Prof Issues SAHE3
CHD 663Law,Ethics, Dec Making in SAHE3
CHD 670Multicultural/Diversity Educ3
CHD 793IInternship in SAHE I3
CHD 793IIInternship in SAHE II(CapProj)3
Select two of the following:6
CHD Electives
Consult,Collabor & Leadership
Conflict Resolution
Higher Edu in Globalized World
Crisis Intervention
Eating Disorders
Interdisciplinary Electives
Organ Behavior & Communication
Services Marketing
Lay Ecclesial Leadership
Catholic Moral Life
Spiritual Foundations
Total Hours45