Gender Studies (GS)

GS 207  T1:DV:Liter & Gender Theory    3 sem. hrs.

(See ENG 207.) This course serves as the foundation of the Gender Studies minor and addresses questions such as: What is gender/gender theory? How do various theories of gender help us understand literature? How has the development of gender identity in men and women been expressed in texts? Student will be introduced to perspectives on gender from history, psychology, sociology, and literary studies that enrich our reading of texts and that demonstrate how the construction and representation of gender in society has developed. Fulfills Tier I and Diversity requirement. Offered every spring semester.

GS 491  Directed Study    3 sem. hrs.

Directed readings and discussions of specific topics in gender studies. Students complete projects that demonstrate their ability to apply their understanding of gender studies to relevant issues within their own majors. Required as the final course for the Gender Studies minor. By arrangement with the instructor and with permission of the appropriate Division Chair and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Divisions may wish to allow this study to count as a directed study in a student’s major field, when the student elects aproject and faculty director from his/her major.