Digital Applications (DA)

DA 113  Intro to Digital Applications    3 sem. hrs.

Introduction to core elements of digital applications related to software use, mobile platforms, websites, social media and entertainment will be presented. Students will learn the basic history, evolution and elements of these important personal and social tools.

DA 251  Web Publishing    3 sem. hrs.

Introduction to the Internet, World Wide Web, HTML, and web page authoring. Web page construction using web authoring tools will include: frames, graphics, sound and animation. Appropriate design and copyright issues will be addressed. Offered every fall semester.

DA 298  Comp Science Career Seminar I    1 sem. hr.

This introductory seminar focuses on helping beginning computer science students from all three majors gain valuable time with professionals in the field through seminars, presentations and at conferences meant to expose students to career options in CS.

DA 301  Mobile Computing Applic I    3 sem. hrs.

Fundamentals of mobile computing will be introduced in the context of history, programming considerations, space constraints, power issues and various platforms used. Phones, tablets, portable storage, laptops and other devices will be discussed to create a base understanding of mobile computing.

DA 302  Social Media Applications    3 sem. hrs.

Social media platforms have been growing in importance in marketing, business and personal communications, social networking and social discussion among many other applications. This course will explore the evolution and current status of social media in the context of computer science and social importance.

DA 303  Information Technology App    3 sem. hrs.

Students will examine the elements of a computer networking from the perspective of digital applications.

DA 401  Advanced Website Design    3 sem. hrs.

Websites are a primary medium for communicating to the world personal and professional services, skills and opportunities. This course will look at the details for optimal design of websites for ease of search engine navigation, consumer use and maximum visual and flow appeal.

DA 402  Mobile Computing App II    3 sem. hrs.

This course will be project based and focused on creating mobile applications for specific use in commercial or private venues.

DA 410  Digital Applications Project    3 sem. hrs.

This course is an integrative experience culminating in major project to be presented in class and in a public forum. The project will involve researching and creating a digital application to solve a specific problem for use in business or communities.

DA 498  CS Career Seminar II    1 sem. hr.

This capstone experience focuses on helping advanced computer science students from all three majors gain valuable time with professionals in the field, through seminars, presentations, and at conferences.